Oct. 05: A tour representative or your guide will meet you at the airport or hotel in the morning in Punta Arenas, South Chile. We recommend you arrive the day before and stay at a hotel in the city, we will be happy to arrange this for you upon request. Drive to Hotel Las Torres in Torres del Paine (04:00 hrs). We stop at the scenic town of Puerto Natales for a coffee and some photos. Arrival at the hotel and rest of the afternoon there. The landscape alone will keep you very entertained, but there are some wildlife around the hotel too, like Culpeo Foxes. Dinner at the hotel (fine chilean cuisine) and bed for an early start the next day.

Oct. 06 to 10: Five full days of Puma search. A typical day at this time of the year starts very early, we will be out in the field before sunrise as this is the most active period for Pumas, this means waking up around 05:30. We go out with the van, eventually we will stop for a breakfast in the field and the guides may walk out in different directions. Once a Puma is found we guide the guests to the place. The approach itself usually requires patience, as we have the right techniques to, if all goes as planned, get to within a prudent but close enough distance for great shots. Once the cat gets used to our presence and does not see us a threat, it will remain doing its normal behaviour. These walks can be on smooth rolling terrain, with a few steeper areas, but rarely hard and almost never longer than 2 or 3 km. Most people, even of older age, have no problem with these walks, as we go on a gentle pace. Weather in Patagonia is unpredictable, but expect cold temperatures and quite a lot of wind. A detailed clothing checklist will be sent upon booking.

We may return to the hotel for lunch or not, in either case we always carry a packed lunch for each guest. Lunch at the restaurant in the hotel is not included on the tour price. In the evening, because the sun sets so late at this time of the year in Patagonia, we may return to the hotel only around 21:00, which means we don’t waste time for dinner at the restaurant before going to bed.

While our main goal on this trip is always going to be Pumas, there will be a lot of other incredible photo opportunities, like the amazing landscape, the groups of Guanacos, varied birds like grebes and swans, Andean Condors, foxes, etc. Some people may be afraid of approaching these wild cats by foot, but rest assured that we know when it can be dangerous and when it is ok to approach. We would never approach a cat that is showing signs of stress.

Oct. 11: Drive back to Punta Arenas after breakfast. Check our optional King Penguins extension tour.

What’s included
  • Double occupancy accomodation at Hotel Las Torres (single rooms may be available)
  • All meals while at our hotels (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner)
  • Drinks on the field
  • Ground transportation within the itinerary
  • Local guides
  • Park entrance fees

NOT included

  • International and domestic air tickets
  • Luggage fees
  • Tips
  • Laundry
  • Hotel in Punta Arenas (if needed/desired)
  • Ground transfers in Punta Arenas (if needed/desired)
  • Travel and cancellation insurance *

* Please note that for this trip specifically we do offer a deposit refund in case the trip does not reach the minimum number of participants. The refund is only offered in that situation and covers only the deposit paid to us, NOT other related costs like air tickets.


Accomodations included on the tour price are for double occupancy rooms. Single rooms are usually available, but to guarantee them we advise to book early. Rooms throughout the trip are equipped with gas heaters, private bathrooms and wi-fi. During the main tour we stay at the fantastic Hotel Las Torres, inside Torres del Paine National Park.

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Trip Map

Extension Tour

King Penguins of Tierra del Fuego

This optional extension tour will take you to remote and exotic Tierra del Fuego, crossing the mighty Strait of Magellan by a comfortable ferryboat. The crossing itself is an attraction, as we can see albatrosses and other pelagic birds, as well as cetaceans, like Commerson’s Dolphins. Our home for the next couple days will be a very charming lodge in the small town of Porvenir. The biggest attraction, of course, are the King Penguin colony, where we will be able to make fantastic up-close pictures of these gorgeous birds.


Oct. 11: Arrival in Punta Arenas from Torres del Paine and night at a hotel in front of the Straits of Magellan.

Oct. 12: Morning ferry crossing to the small town of Porvenir, in Tierra del Fuego. The crossing takes about 2 hours, during which it’s possible to see albatrosses, petrels, shearwaters and other sea birds. Mammals are usually seen too, like pods of Peale’s Dolphin or the beautiful Commerson’s Dolphin. Check-in at our cozy small lodge and then drive to the King Penguin colony (02:00 hrs) along the shores of Useless Bay where we will stop to photograph Flamingos and varied waterfowl. Afternoon photographing the penguins, with golden sunset light. In the evening drive back to Porvenir and night at our very charming lodge in town.

Oct. 13: Early morning drive to a series of lakes and sea shores around Porvenir where we will look for varied wildlife, including some sea birds and the strange and near-endemic Magellanic Plover. After lunch we head back to Punta Arenas by ferry.

  • USD 750 per person
  • USD 50 for single room
  • Included – road transportation, ferryboat fees, douple occupancy accomodation in Porvenir, meals, drinks on the field, park entrance fees, local guide.
  • Not Included – accomodation in Punta Arenas on Oct. 04, à la carte dishes, drinks at the hotels, tips, travel insurance.

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After reading our Terms & Conditions, please click on the link below to book your spot. This trip requires a USD 500 deposit.

Please note that for this trip specifically we do offer a deposit refund in case the trip does not reach the minimum number of participants, which is 6. The refund does NOT cover other related costs like air tickets. Check the Terms & Conditions for more information on cancellations.