Pantanal photo tours



Pantanal clothing checklist

One of the main doubts of my first-time clients for a trip…

Pantanal: Giant Otters paradise

The Pantanal is famous for its Jaguar sightings, and rightfully…
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Photographing Red-and-green Macaws

One of the highlights of my Complete Pantanal Photo Tour is the…
Brown Tinamou

What birds survived the meteor that killed the dynossaurs?

At 66 million years ago a huge meteor fell on what is today the…
Least Pygmy-Owl

New species of Pygmy-Owl for Brazil

A new species of Pygmy-Owl (genus Glaucidium) for Brazil is currently…
Jaguar population on the rise

Jaguars on the rise!

I'm starting again the blog on my website. I pretend to add mostly…