Coronavirus updates and future trips

We are closely monitoring every day the news regarding the virus and what actions to take. Currently we have postponed all our trips in May, June and July without any extra cost to our clients. We will keep the same price.

For the other trips we are still hoping to be able to make it this year, but things can change at any moment. Right now the best we can do is wait and see what happens next.

If you need more information please contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp.



What to do, photography wise, during quarantine?

Most of us are in quarantine at home, trying to get some work done or just trying to find things to do while we wait and hope things will pass quicky. Here are some ideas for us photographers:

  • Organize and keyword your photos for easier finding. Lightroom and Bridge has wonderful tools for this. It’s a task that demands time, but time is what most of us have now.
  • If you have photos on image banks now is as good a time as ever to send more.
  • Double check to see if all your important photos are properly backed-up.
  • Explore your past albums for hidden gems. If we look carefuly and calmly we can always find great photos lying unused in our hard drives.
  • Try your hand at video editing. There are tons of tutorials online. The best software, in my opinion, is Adobe Premiere, but there are other cheaper or even free good alternatives, such as Lightworks.
  • Watch documentaries for inspiration or tutorials to learn new techniques. Netflix’s Our Planet has some truly incredible imagery.
  • If you have a yard, explore it to its max. Set up bird feeders, make special scenes for photography, get that macro lens and shoot little critters, etc.

Lets stay active and together we will pass through this.