Complete Pantanal - September  07 to 19, 2022

Covid-19 current situation in Brazil and travel in 2021

Finally we can say that, most probably, Covid-19 is definetely getting under control all over.  International travel is starting to happen again, but I will talk more about that later, first I’d like to update you about the current Covid situation in Brazil.


As you can see the number of new cases is dropping steadily, which is a direct result of more and more people getting vaccinated.


Currently over 50% of the population is vaccinated, and the process is speeding up greatly. Practically nearly all of the adult population is vaccinated with at least one dose, and many places are already vaccinating children above 12 years old.


Much is said abroad about the Delta variant of the virus in Brazil, however from both empirical and scientific data we can say that all of the current vaccines are effective against this variant, preventing you from contracting the disease. In the rare cases where people are infected even after vaccinated, the disease very very rarely evolves to a dangerous state. So I think we can safely say that, so far, science is now winning this battle.

And what about the numbers? Is it dangerous to travel to Brazil? As you can see from the graph above, Delta variant is actually not that widespread here. The number of new cases now are quite low and only 37% of those are Delta variant. Everything here is working normally and all of the safety protocols are followed, like wearing masks in all closed spaces, alcohol hygiene, etc.

So, is it a good time to travel to Brazil? Absolutely! This is quickly being considered the best year ever in North Pantanal for Jaguar sightings, for those who are lucky to be out there. The sightings are incredible, with a big number of small cubs and mothers not shy of showing them at river edge, and also a great number of hunts and kills. All of this together with the small number of boats on the river make 2021 the best year ever for wildlife photographers to come to North Pantanal, where you will have unprecendented calm on the river to approach a Jaguar the way you want and make that shot of a lifetime. We do understand that most people had to postpone their trips due to travel restrictions that were in force until a month ago or so, but now most restrictions are falling and if you’d still like to visit the Pantanal this year please contact me now and lets discuss this. You won’t regret, conditions are great and won’t be repeated!


Coronavirus updates and future trips

We are closely monitoring every day the news regarding the virus and what actions to take. Currently we have postponed all our trips in May, June and July without any extra cost to our clients. We will keep the same price.

For the other trips we are still hoping to be able to make it this year, but things can change at any moment. Right now the best we can do is wait and see what happens next.

If you need more information please contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp.



What to do, photography wise, during quarantine?

Most of us are in quarantine at home, trying to get some work done or just trying to find things to do while we wait and hope things will pass quicky. Here are some ideas for us photographers:

  • Organize and keyword your photos for easier finding. Lightroom and Bridge has wonderful tools for this. It’s a task that demands time, but time is what most of us have now.
  • If you have photos on image banks now is as good a time as ever to send more.
  • Double check to see if all your important photos are properly backed-up.
  • Explore your past albums for hidden gems. If we look carefuly and calmly we can always find great photos lying unused in our hard drives.
  • Try your hand at video editing. There are tons of tutorials online. The best software, in my opinion, is Adobe Premiere, but there are other cheaper or even free good alternatives, such as Lightworks.
  • Watch documentaries for inspiration or tutorials to learn new techniques. Netflix’s Our Planet has some truly incredible imagery.
  • If you have a yard, explore it to its max. Set up bird feeders, make special scenes for photography, get that macro lens and shoot little critters, etc.

Lets stay active and together we will pass through this.


Coronavirus update in Brazil and Chile

Important information regarding Covid-19 in Brazil and Chile and our scheduled trips

With the spread of Covid-19 we think it’s time to address our clients. First of all we would like to guarantee that all our trips are confirmed, to Brazil or Chile.

The disease has to this day only 25 cases in Brazil, with 0 cases in Mato Grosso or Mato Grosso do Sul states, the core of our itineraries. In Chile there are 6 cases. There are no deaths reported by the disease in both countries. In China, the epicenter of the epidemy, the number of new cases is already dropping fast, probably an indication that the epidemy has reached its peak. We expect it to to keep rising outside of China for a while and then also start dropping, hopefully soon.

The main concerns is probably not while in Brazil or Chile, but during traveling, at airports and such. Health officials recommend that whenever in public it’s best to avoid touching surfaces, and to use a hand sanitizer frequently. Have one in your pocket and use it frequently while in public, as apparently the virus is more easily spread by hand contact with eyes, nose and mouth instead of by the air.

So, we would like everyone to stay calm and hopeful that this disease outbreak will pass quickly. Our trips are confirmed and we look forward to another great year photographing our wildlife!